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We are pleased to introduce COLpro222DX Series....   

Variable Light Intensity

Facility to increase or decrease light intensity to 5 different levels to

observe finest changes in tissue structure.

Variable Electronic Green Filter

Facility to choose from 5 different grades of Electronic Green Filter to ensure best diagnosis. The examination of cervix under different levels/grades of Green effect makes it possible to see the best vessel patterns, types and its nature. Electronic Green Filter spreads the green light on the entire cervix without any light loss.

Variable Image Colors

Facility to choose from 5 different settings of image colors to achieve best color differentiation in epithelium. A freedom to examine cervix with different magnitude of color and contrast gives a new dimension to colposcopy procedure. Here you get an image of your choice which is more eyes perceptive for best diagnostic conclusion.

E-flip & Mirror Image

Facility to change the direction of the image from left to right horizontally and from upward to downward vertically to get the view of cervix to your liking. This has been made possible by our unique e-flip and mirror image functions which are available directly on the colposcope head.

Remote control of important functions

Facility to control important functions of the colposcope completely even from a distance saving you the effort and time without losing focus on the patient’s examination area.