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PATIENT SIMULATORS MiniSim 1000 - ECG Arrhythmia Simulator

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MiniSim 1000 - ECG Arrhythmia Simulator


ECG Arrhythmia Simulator

Product Code : MiniSim 1000 ECG, Arrhythmia waveform Simulator


 MiniSim-1000 Arrhythmia Simulator is a powerful yet basic patient simulator in a compact case. It is designed for testing the performance of all ECG monitoring instrumentation quickly and easily. 300his comprehensive microprocessor based instrument is menu driven using the  tactile feel keypad and easy-to-follow LCD display.

The MiniSim-12 provides full 12 lead ECG simulation with 14 user selectabel rates ranging from 30 to 350 BPM, and 14 user selectable amplitudes from 0.15 to 5 mV. The performance waveform includes Sine, Square and Triangle . 14 user-selectable waveform rates from 0.1 to 100 Hz and amplitudes from 0.15 millivolt to 5 millivolt.

The instrument is also designed to simulate 45 different arrhythmias including atrial, ventricular, tall T wave, ST elevation, ST depression, myocardial infraction, blocks, pulse and pacer waveforms.

 MiniSim 1000 Arrhythmia Dimulater is software upgradable to MiniSim 1000 full funcrion patient simulator including Blood pressure, respiration and temperature (YSI 400/YSI 700 compatable)