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Woodslamp - Dermatology Equipment

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Woodslamp - Dermatology Equipment

Product Details:
No. of Pin 3 Pin
Power Supply 230 volts AC
Application Clinical Purpose, Hospital
Brand Basco

Medical Uses:

  • Tinea Captis
  •   Erythrasma: Coral red or pink fluorescence is seen
  •   T.Versicolor: Shows Golden yellow fluorescence or may appear lighter than adjacent skin
  • Pseudomonas infections: Pyoverdin of fluorescin is responsible for the aqua green or white green or rarely yellow green
  •   Pigmentary alterations: These are best explained by the optical properties of the skin
  •   Scabies: Use is in detection burrows
  •   Drug ingestion: Tetracyclines cause a yellow fluorescence
  •   Abnormalities of porphyrin metabolism
  •   Elucidation of contact dermatitis
  •   To help identify the phototoxicity of cosmetics
  •   Used as a routine diagnostic tool
  •   Dermatoses seen poorly in visible light