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     Archimed Avangarde Skin Care Chair designed for skin care, body care, epilation,  hair  transplantation  and  other  medical  esthetic  operations. The chair consists with 3 main parts. Back rest, seat part and leg rest. The
chair  makes  back  up&down,  chair  up&down,  leg  rest  up&down  and trendelenburg&reverse trendelenburg movements by 4 DC motors with using hand control. Height adjusment is used with hand control and it makes
movement vertical. Chair is covered with cleanable, waterproof material and the chair is comfortable and orthopedic designed. Cushion is suitable hardness and upholstery made by  leatherette  which  is  easy  cleanable  and  not  effected  to  skin. Steel construction is painted with electrostatic powder coating and protected with galvanize against corrosion. And the construction is covered with anti- bacterial and easy cleanable ABS plastic. So that, the chairs seems more better.

     ABS covering designed to keep itself in the upholstery and it blocks the dust which goes into the upholstery. During the back rest movement, arm rests moves with the back rest at the same time. And the arm rests are easy removable. Easy removable and renewable foot extend is included to the chair. Wide arm supports and eye cushion can be used for eye operation. And optional head cushion can be used for hair transplantation.


Standard Accessories : Head Extension, Foot Extension

Optional Accessrories : Eye Cushion, Hair Transplantation Additional Head Cushion, Intermediate  Cushion, Castors With Brake Wide Arm Supports for Blood Taking

Length : 180 cm.

Height : 66 / 86 cm.

Seat Width : 56 cm.

Seat Length : 50 cm.

Back Length : 59 cm.

Arm Rest Width : 20 cm

Width With Arm Rest : 83 cm


Head Part Length : 20 cm.

Back Width : 56 cm.

Foot Length : 32 cm.

Foot Extension : 15 cm.

Foot Length With Extension Part : 47 cm.

Foot Width : 55 cm.

Trendelenburg : 13°

Back Angle : 75°