ENT Total Treatment Unit

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  • Model:   Millennum Grand



State of the Art Version of ENT Total Treatment Unit
The model of Millennium Grand is designed for installing all of component equipment in order for doctor to diagnose and treat patients in an integral way at the option, while the marble plate is put on the top for the efficient communication between doctors and patients.


Suction System (Main)
Oilless Motor Pump (250W)
100L/min, at 680mmHg
Suction Bottles (3000cc / 1500cc)
Suction System (Sub)
Oilless Motor Pump (130W)
40L/min at 650mmHg
Suction Bottles (1500cc 2EA)
Spray System
Oilless Air Compressor(250W)
Stainless Air Tank
100L/min at 7Kg/cm2
Spray Q'ty
Straight -3EA, Curved -1EA
Ventilation System
Automatic Operation at Lift-up
Anti-Fog System
Fog/Mist Eliminated on Endoscopes
Top Body
Artficial Marble
One TOuch Panel
All Parts Controlled by One-Touch
1,647(W) x 780(D) x 798(H)mm
Power Consumption
Class 1, Type B
License No.