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Defibrillator-monitor DKI-N-11 «Axion»
Defibrillation pulse energy for adults
5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 360 J (additional function of power accumulation over 200 J, with the adult electrodes)
for children 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 J (shutdown of power over 150 J, when working in the children’s mode)
Time of energy accumulation:
Number of defibrillation pulses from the fully charged storage battery:
200 J no more than 6 sec
200 J 70 max
360 J no more than 10 sec
360 J 40 max
Period of continuous operation in the monitoring mode: When operated from the rechargeable storage batteries When operated from 220 V mains and DC mains (12-18) V
Weight at least 3 hours at least 168 hours 6 kg max
The NIBP measuring channel is used for blood pressure measurement in the automatic mode within the range of 20 ... 280 mm Hg with absolute error of ±3 mm Hg
Protection against the maximum pressure of more than 300-330 mm Hg
SpO2 channel is used within the range of SpO2 readings from 0 to 100[%]
The range of SpO2 readings from 75[%] up to 100[%] is with the absolute error of ±3[%]
External Cardiostimulatory channel – external, endocardial, trans-esophageal.
External Cardiostimulatory channel operates in Fixed, Overdrive and Demand modes.
Frequency setting is from 40 up to 250 pulse/min, pulse duration setting is from 20 up to 40 msec., pulse current setting is from 10 to 180 mA for external cardiac stimulation.
Disposable electrodes are provided for external cardiac stimulation.
Defibrillation pulse is a biphasic and asymmetrical pulse of a trapezoid shape with the ratio of negative to positive current half-waves of (0.5±0.1).
Power shutdown at the patient’s body resistance of lower than 12 Ohm and higher than 200 Ohm
Automatic limitation of defibrillation current at level of (30±10) „@ and the patient’s body resistance of lower than 25 Ohm.
Automatic stabilization of the output pulse parameters depending upon the patient’s chest resistance (from 25 to 100 Ohm).
Voice and visual support of the operator’s actions and device operation. 2 storage batteries.
LCD display 5.7” (320x240 dots).
Built-in thermal printer.
Charging unit designed for two batteries.
Registration certificate No. FSR 2008/03509 dated 24.10.2008?.