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Minston LED X-ray Illuminator not only bring vision effect, but also 
have more practical utility. 
The light diffusing systems provide much more uniformity illumination 
and intensity. The compact design and enamel finish ensure the 
durability. Even more, our cost-effective control keep supporting the 
most competitive price in the world.
1. LED x-ray Illuminator is the brightest and suitable for viewing all 
kinds of x-ray films. The average illumination of MST-4000 is also reach 
up to 4000cd/m2 (about 13000lux).
2. Compared with other LED x-ray illuminators, MST-4000 is also  the 
most energy-saving. (about 50[%] lower),and much lower than other 
ordinary x-ray illuminators.
3. LED life span reach 50000hour.
4. Elegant design with good quality material is very favorable.
5. 2.4cm- the world slimmest illuminator helps saving room and 
carrying easiest.
6. The complete functions enhance utility value and operation facility. 
Standard :
Main unit (five types for choice:)
                Single union MST-4000I
                Double union MST-4000II
                Triple union MST-4000III
                Quadruple union MST-4000IV
                Mammograph LED viewer MST-4000M
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